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Our Service Philosophy

The Reijnen Company has developed a strong reputation for innovative delivery of design and construction services for a broad range of clients. The company's successes have been based on an unwavering commitment to delivering on what we call "the big three"; Exceptional Quality, Outstanding Customer Service and Excellent Value.


Fine Craftsmanship and Professional Management

The key to our reputation for fine craftsmanship and professional management is people. We recruit only the most talented and broadly experienced craftsmen and managers we can find and then we provide ongoing training and education so that each employee can continue to improve and develop their skills. The Reijnen Company is fortunate to have attracted many talented and experienced master craftsmen and managers, which gives us tremendous depth and capability when it comes to delivering exceptional quality consistently.

Design Integrity

Whether we are designing the project in-house or working with a client's architect, we apply the same rigorous standards of design review, constructability analysis and value engineering to insure the highest levels of design integrity. This commitment is appreciated by both clients and architects, as it honors the design intent, minimizes change orders during construction and insures long term ownership satisfaction.

As a company comprised of architects and builders, we have a unique appreciation for the symbiotic relationship between these two disciplines. We understand the importance of design intent and fully support the essential role of the project architect in all our projects. We believe that creativity and imagination are not secondary resources in the task of putting a great project together, they are primary.

Focus on the Details

In complex construction projects, the "devil is in the details". All too often, projects that look good on paper get built without enough planning or enough attention paid to the details and project quality suffers accordingly. At the Reijnen Company, we are passionate about the importance of details and we spend considerable energy and time on pre-planning to insure that details have been fully developed before construction starts.

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Putting the Customer First

The process of designing and building a project can create extraordinary stresses on clients. We have given this considerable thought over the years and have developed unique team-based approaches that emphasize communications and encourage direct client participation in all decision-making. The clarity and transparency of our approach allows clients to participate meaningfully in the process and to enjoy designing and building with confidence.


Integrity is fundamental to who we are as a company and to how we conduct ourselves in business. It has been a hallmark of our reputation for over 20 years. At the Reijnen Company one of our fundamental principles is that commitments made are commitments kept. We guard this principle very carefully and endeavor in all our relationships to deliver on our promises. Our clients have found that our high level of accountability and commitment builds confidence and ensures predictable project outcomes.


Our clients consistently remark on the excellent relationships they have developed with our people. Many of our clients continue those relationships well past completion of construction. This level of relationship building is rare in construction, but at the Reijnen Company it is an integral part of our approach. We build relationships based on open communication, trust and mutual respect and we fully expect those relationships to exist well past project completion.

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Making the Process Predictable

In the traditional approach to design and construction services, two of the greatest sources of frustration for clients in the design phase of a project are the lack of alignment between budget, program and design, and the lack of timely information on project costs to avoid the problem in the first place. This often results in delays of project start-up due to redesign efforts, grudging acceptance of higher construction costs, and projects compromised both aesthetically and functionally due to late breaking changes to stay within budget. We don't think this makes any sense and wastes valuable time and resources.

At the Reijnen Company we believe that clients, architects and builders all deserve a more effective process with more predictable outcomes. Achieving a better process entails early involvement by all team members, a commitment to team-based decision making and real clarity in terms of the project mission and team member responsibilities. We have developed alternative team approaches to project delivery that substantially improve client satisfaction and project outcomes. These integrated approaches yield considerable efficiencies that save our clients (and architects) time and money by keeping budget, program and design aligned.

Turn-key Project Delivery

While our role in individual projects ranges considerably (builder, developer, design/build provider, etc.) our objectives remain constant. We bring a team building, results oriented, client focused approach to all our projects and work to deliver a turn-key project that meets or exceeds our client's expectations. Our broad experience in design and construction and our flexibility in terms of roles makes us uniquely qualified to serve our clients interests and add predictable, measurable value to a wide range of projects.

Bringing Excellent Value for Every Dollar Spent

We fully appreciate that the investment our clients make in custom design and construction is considerable and not without risks. The decision to proceed and to hire us is necessarily based on trust and reputation alone. In exchange for their endorsement and commitment, we intend to provide excellent value for every dollar spent. We accomplish this in several ways:

1. Liberal Warranty Terms

Our warranty terms are significantly longer than is typical and the coverage is substantially more comprehensive.

2. Rigorous Quality Standards

Our quality standards well exceed published standards for the construction industry and are focused on insuring low long term ownership costs for our clients.

3. Constructability Review and Value Engineering

Every project is subject to constructability review and value engineering to insure that the details have been fully developed and can be effectively and efficiently constructed while providing a long, service-free life.

4. Stewardship of the Budget

We take seriously our responsibility to be stewards of our client's investment and to aggressively pursue opportunities to reduce costs while maintaining project integrity.

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Reijnen Square Design Element
Reijnen Square Design Element