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The Design/Build Approach

In our Design/Build Approach we form a fully vested, single-source team from project inception. We provide the client with turn-key project services that include design and construction under an integrated services contract with the Reijnen Company.

Our design/build teams are comprised of an architect, an interior designer (optional), a project manager and the client. The architect is often one of our in-house designers but can also be an independent architect working under contract with us. The entire team participates fully in pre-construction planning, budgeting and design development. The focus of the team is on clearly defining, and then fulfilling, the client's project mission.


Project benefits include:

Lowest project cost consistent with quality.

Thorough cost analysis and value engineering during design creates better, more cost effective design solutions.

Single source delivery means no change orders for design document errors and omissions.

Internal review and analysis of design solutions means significant reduction in redesign time and consequently lower design fees.

Substantially less design time required during construction to clarify details and design intent

Faster project completion

Project Schedule initiated at project outset, not just at start of construction.

Full control and accountability for project schedule means higher level of commitment and greater measure of success.

Shorter design time by elimination of significant redesign steps.

Less construction down-time due to significant pre-planning, and early problem solving.

Excellent Project Integrity

Constructability review during design development results in much higher project quality and design integrity.

Full accountability for design and construction means a better built and better planned project.

Full accountability for fulfillment of owner's budget objectives means design solutions will fit the budget.

This is a "client-centric" approach which puts the client's needs and expectations first.

Client Concerns Addressed by Integrated Services

Design solutions that don't fit the budget
Solution: Design solutions are reviewed and either fit the budget or they aren't considered.

Builder and/or architect not focused on client needs and expectations
Solution: The design/build team has only one focus, and that is on fulfilling client needs and expectations.

Architect and builder provide contradictory information which is difficult for client to process.
Solution: Architect and builder present clear, direct information as a single source.

Architect and builder are in conflict and sorting out disagreements falls to the client.
Solution: Architect and builder are the same, so no disagreements require sorting out.

Project completion takes too long and is unpredictable.
Solution: Project schedule is developed in pre-construction and team is held accountable from project onset to completion.

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Reijnen Square Design Element
Reijnen Square Design Element